Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sprinkler System Valve Location & Wire Tracing Service

If you have ever thought about trying to perform a Sprinkler System Valve Location & Wire Tracing Service on your own, you know how difficult and frustrating this task can be without the proper know-how and tools.  Countless hours can be spent trying to locate a broken or leaking valve or tracing a sprinkler system wire for breaks or faults in the wire.  To do such a task, you will need a wire tracing device, sprinkler repair experience and knowledge of how lawn sprinkler irrigation systems work. 

How to locate a sprinkler valve or trace a buried wire - Basically, you are going to trace the wire that controls the valve you are looking for from the control panel to the hidden location.  The irrigation zone valve that you are looking for will usually be buried, sodded over, or mulched over.  You would power up the wire that you are tracing from the control panel with your transmitter, then follow the "ping" that the buried wire makes as you walk it over with your receiver.  You can trace the wire to the valve, following the ping, until the ping becomes a solid beep.  When you reach a point that gives your receiver a solid beeping signal, you have located the valve.

What happens if the wire and/or valve has been completely severed from the system?  Often times when there has been a pool installed over a zone or a wall has been installed over a zone, they will sever the irrigation lines and wires.  If they do that, it is best to have them leave the wires exposed on both the valve side and the control panel side.  If these wires are simply buried after being broken, there may be no way to locate the valve, especially if the valve is completely removed.  In this instance, instead of trying to locate the valve, wiring, and pvc pipes for that zone, it is usually just as cost effective to install a new zone.

Many homes that are aging in the Lexington South Carolina Area may at some point experience this type of issue.  It is best to prevent this type of occurance where the valve cannot be located.  In order to prevent problems:
  1. Have a sprinkler system repair & Installation contractor come out and map your system
  2. Mark the spots where your sprinkler valves are as well as your backflow control valve
  3. If you ever have any construction or landscaping done that affects the sprinkler system, have the contractor flag any spots that would be affected and address those faults immediately.