Thursday, May 19, 2011

Broken Water Main

Do you have a Broken Water Main or a Leaking Sprinkler Valve related to your lawn sprinkler system?  A broken water main can be a messy, costly, and downright disastrous event.  Once the problem is recognized, immediate attention must be given to prevent more damage and inconvenience than necessary.  Once the location and cause of the break have been determined, speedy repairs can begin.

     You’ll know there’s a break in the water main when you see flooding in yards or the streets, or when you see a full-blown geyser shooting water straight up from the ground.  This can be an enticing spectacle to view if you are not one of those directly affected or called upon to rectify the situation.

     Flooding from a broken water main can be hazardous under mild weather conditions.  However, when temperatures are below freezing, serious problems can arise.  Anything from ice-covered homes, trees, and cares, to a thick sheet of ice on the streets can develop.  Residents in the areas may even be asked to boil their water as a safety precaution. 

     Depending on the location and size of the break, as well as the amount of damage resulting from the break, the length of time spent repairing the broken water main could last a day or 2, or even for weeks.  Unless a break has occurred on your property and is your responsibility, you will be at the mercy of repair and clean up crews.

     If you experience a broken water main near or on your property, remain calm.  Most importantly, don’t attempt to fix the break yourself.  Leave repairs to the professionals, otherwise you could make matters worse by causing additional damage to the line, or by placing yourself in a potentially hazardous situation.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tune-Ups on Your Lawn Sprinkler System

     As with any other system, it is important to perform routine tune-ups on your lawn sprinkler system.  The system will continue to conserve water and money if it’s working properly.  There are several specific problems to look for during a tune-up, as well as adjustments that may need to be made the the sprinkler system components.

     Look for spray or rotor heads that are too low because grass height could cause an improper spray pattern.  Broken heads might need to be addressed by a sprinkler head repair service.  Check for spray or rotor heads that are out of adjustment so that the water isn’t being sprayed into unwanted areas.  Check zone valves for leakage.  You will know they are leaking if you see water puddles forming around the lower spray or rotor heads.  Also make sure those zone valves shut on and off properly.  As valves age, this can become a problem.  Another problem that should be addressed is a dysfunctional controller or timer.

     Inspect each zone by turning on the zone valves one at a time.  Remove and clean the nozzles on spray heads, and clean the screens while you’re at it.  Adjust the sprinklers so that only the areas needing watering are being watered.  You may also need to adjust the direction of the spray.  Check your system’s battery once per year, and replace the battery every two years.  If you don’t already have one, install a rain sensor to prevent any over-watering.

     If you are comfortable with the process, you can perform a lawn sprinkler system tune-up yourself.  If not, you can always hire a professional sprinkler or lawn care company to do it for you.  A professional can make all the needed adjustments, and repair or replace sprinkler heads and valves.  They can even update the time clock if your existing timer is out-dated or not as easy to use.

     Keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful by doing or getting tune-ups on your lawn sprinkler system.  It will keep the system running smoothly, and you can avoid costly repairs due to issues that arise from not giving attention to small problems or to needed adjustments.