Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring Sprinkler System Startup

If you have irrigation in your yard you may want to get it tuned up in time for spring watering.  A spring lawn sprinkler system startup or "tune-up" with a reputable sprinkler repair Lexington S.C. company is the way to go, saving you time and perhaps bringing your system more intune with water conservation and efficiency.

A spring sprinkler system startup consists of several service elements designed to maximize the functionality of your system.  First, a quick inspection of your backflow control valve is in order.  This valve is typically turned to the off position for the winter months.  It should be slowly turned back on, preferably with one or more of the zone valves turned on to properly bleed the system of any air pockets.  Any air in the system can "jar" the valves or damage the internal workings of the valves, sometimes resulting in breaks in the pvc connections or damage to the system.

Next, each zone is started up, preferably from the control panel (or "timer").  Turning each zone on for a few minutes further purges any air from the system.  The sprinkler heads in each zone are observed for coverage and set for proper spray pattern, to see if they are turning side to side, and to see if there is any clogging occuring in the popup nozzles.  When the zone is turned "off", the heads are then inspected to see if they retract back down into the ground.  If the sprinkler heads do not go back down, you may want to replace that head so your lawn mower doesn't break it.

Finally, the irrigation timer is set for the proper watering time according to the season.  Typically, very little watering is done in the winter.  In anticipation of new spring grass growth though, systems are set to whatever frequency and duration would keep the moisture in the soil to an optimal level.  This varies with slope, sun exposure, soil type, type of turf, and many other factors.