Friday, January 24, 2014

Water Pump Pressure Switch Replacement

If you draw water from Lake Murray S.C. for your lawn irrigation or sprinkler system, sooner or later you will need a Water Pump Pressure Switch Replacement.  When water pressure drops in your bladder tank when a spigot or the irrigation is turned on, this switch will turn on the water pump at a certain pressure level.

The Water Pump Pressure Switch can fail for a number of reasons.  If you look at the contacts on the inside of this (high voltage) box, you will see where the electrical connection is made.  If, at one of those connections you see black or corroded terminals, it should be replaced.  One interesting cause of failure is ants.  Ants will nest inside these warm areas and sometimes burn at the terminal causing a bad connection. 


Sunday, January 5, 2014

sprinkler valve locating service, Lexington and Columbia S.C.

If your lawn sprinkler system is malfunctioning and you need to repair the Rain Bird, Hunter, Nelson or Toro Valves, you may have a need to find the valve and call on a sprinkler valve locating service.  Sometimes irrigation valves are buried under overgrown grass sod, under mulch, or just about anywhere in the yard.  A professional sprinkler repair company local to you in Lexington or Columbia, S.C. can help.  These specialty services use special locating equipment and years worth of technique and experience to find and repair your irrigation valves.  Some companies will simply find the valve for you, allowing you to repair the valve on your own.  Lexington Sprinkler Repair can be contacted at (803)331-5351 and is your local resource for everything related to your sprinkler system.